4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Is Disrupting the Web Hosting Industry

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Artificial intelligence is transforming many industries both on and offline. One that has seen significant change is web hosting. AI is improving the website experience for businesses around the world.

Cloud hosting presents an excellent platform for integrating AI software. It helps to speed learning, discover improvements, and streamline services. AI solutions can keep up with the growing amounts of data coming from internet activity. Below are just some of the ways AI can make website processes easier.

Improved Security

A chief concern is protecting your website and customer information against cyber threats. Sophisticated AI applications can identify and evaluate patterns to discover threats, and instantly alert you when problems appear. This way even the latest hacker tricks can be blocked before any damage is done.

With fast predictive analytics and adaptive machine learning, you can get warnings and reports every time your online sites are targeted by malware. Advanced software such as IBM Watson takes cyber security to the next level. Instead of relying on hardware or spotting known threats, it will analyze large amounts of network data and continue improving its ability to “learn” the differences between network issues and cyber attacks.

Increased Productivity

Keeping up with changing technologies, installation, and support requires considerable …

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