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Data analytics has been one of the driving forces behind encryption technology. A 2014 white paper by the IEEE titled “A Survey of Cryptographic Approaches to Securing Big-Data Analytics” discussed some of these issues.

Role of Big Data in Emerging Encryption Technology

Encryption is a remarkable form of technology. It works by protecting vital, sensitive information such as emails and passwords. Encryption also is critical for many modern network applications, such as ensuring the security of most WIFI and intranet connections.

Due to advances in data technology, it is possible to create multidimensional vectors for encryption. As a result, there are many forms of encryption available for network administrators and data security engineers to choose from. Some of the fundamentals of four different forms of encryption technology are highlighted below.

Different Types of Encryption

Big data is transforming the nature of encryption as we know it. There are countless applications of big data, which are helping make encryption technology more reliable and secure. Here are the four different types of encryption technology that are evolving in response to advances in big data.

1. 3DES

The 3DES or Triple Data Encryption Standard is symmetric-key encryption that utilizes three 56-bit keys. This type of encryption will encrypt your …

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