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Big data has become more popular in 2018. Whether structured or unstructured, big data is made up of large datasets that can be mined for more information. Given that traditional industries are also being disrupted, there is no escaping the impact of big data across the board. But first, let us have a glimpse of these so-called traditional industries and see some of the effects for yourself:


Hospitals and healthcare institutions, as well as their practitioners, should be made more aware of the gaps in the system. In particular, individuals have had no instant access to their medical history. Such data may only be obtained when patients visit their doctors, each session probably burning a hole in their pocket.

Now that the use of mobile devices has normalized, people are getting acquainted with their own data. Apps can monitor heart rate, gadgets can track the frequency of activities, and both tools can keep a record of such information. Users can then easily retrieve their data, which they can rely on to assist medical professionals in checking them up.


Law firms are recognizing how crucial big data revolution is in assessing case prospects and profitability. Lawyers can better prepare their arguments and estimate costs through the insights gleaned …

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