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Hundreds of thousands of people all across the country are looking at their electric bills and thinking the number looks far too high to be reasonable. Because of this, these same consumers are seeking out a variety of ways to save energy in their homes. Many have found the answer to this problem to be smart technologies which can interact with your home and maximize efficient energy use and fully eliminate wasteful energy practices. This not only saves money for consumers, but it also does wonders for the environment by reducing the consumer’s carbon footprint. So, what are these smart technologies and just how exactly do they help consumers save energy in their homes?

Energy Efficient Appliances
A Smart Thermostat
Smart Blinds
Battery Storage

Energy Efficient Appliances

Energy efficient appliances are getting smarter every single year. They are able to run on power saving mode much like how a laptop or cell phone will when it is near the end of its current battery life. One great example of this is refrigerators. When the door to a refrigerator stays closed, it can maintain its internal temperature fairly well thanks to heavily insulated doors. Thanks to smart technology, this fridge can then greatly reduce its draw of …

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