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The introduction of the Internet to the world in 1990 was something understood but unbelievable.  The idea that one could use a machine to do something that always had to be done by hand left many puzzled.  The Internet became a place full of information benefiting many in all aspects of life.  Not until about 2014 did “cyber-attacks” become something to be feared. Since then, cybersecurity has grown and will continue to grow for many reasons.

Everything is Going Digital

Everywhere you look, something that was once done manually is now being automated.  With every piece of technology that is automated, there is an impressive amount of code that makes the system work.  With every new piece of technology created by code, there is an equal opportunity created for a cyber hacker to misuse the same technology.

Similar to when the credit card gained traction and people around the world start using it because of how efficient it was.  In the beginning, there was no such thing as credit card fraud, but as more and more people started using them, credit card fraud became a thing and continued to grow as more and more people started relying on credit cards.

Sensitive Data is Stored …

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