4 Problems Still Facing Rugged Data Storage

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Most data storage devices on the market are relatively reliable, but only if kept from getting too hot or cold and in a vibration-free place.

In contrast, rugged data storage devices are among the toughest available. Preferred by military personnel and others who regularly encounter demanding environments, these tech tools can withstand extreme temperatures, plus shocks and vibrations.

Below, we’ll look at four things that still make efficient use of rugged data difficult.

1. Storage-Related Delays Compromise Real-Time Intelligence Decisions

One of the primary reasons why the military uses rugged data is because it’s necessary to make in-the-moment decisions that could affect national or international security.

There is a huge surplus of data, and delays in processing or storing it could lead to outdated intelligence. To stay competitive, today’s providers of rugged data devices must ensure they meet the fast-paced demands of people who require them while making time-sensitive judgments.

2. Next-Generation Flight Data Recorders Are Expensive

Flight recorders, also known as aerospace data recorders, are the most commonly used pieces of equipment that transmit real-time data during air travel. They are part of a booming sector projected to be worth more than $2 million by 2025, up from a market value that was just over 1.4 million …

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