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To stay competitive, marketers must not ignore the rollout of ‘Industry 4.0’. As IoT deployment ramps up, businesses need to review their marketing strategies to up to date with changes in technology.

IoT (or The Internet of Things) could disrupt marketing in a number of ways, and brands have to be more reactive than they’ve ever been. Here are 4 IoT considerations when writing your digital marketing plan.

1. Prepare for voice search

In search, we will see a big shift to conversational queries. As more devices connect to the internet, and the use for hands-free increases, voice search will become more popular with users.

Gartner forecasts that IoT devices will reach 20.4 billion by 2020. That would be nearly three times the world population. If those stats are anything to go by, search executives should get ready for natural language key phrases associated with voice. This means that internet users will be asking more long-form questions, rather than simple or singular keywords.

2. Personalisation will overtake segmentation

Customers are no longer tolerant of seeing irrelevant information when browsing the internet, opening emails, or visiting websites. Personalised experiences is no longer just a luxury or desire. In fact, 62% of consumers now expect companies …

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