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A strong CRM system can provide nearly every department in a business the proper information to offer customers the experience that meets their needs. Every single interaction that a customer has with your company makes up part of their experience, and one glitch could result in a lost sale.

According to Microsoft’s report, customer expectations for service are higher than ever before. Nearly three-fourths of consumers stated that they always expect a customer service agent to “know who they are, what they have purchased, and have insight into their previous engagements” for every interaction. Unfortunately, if this level of service is not offered, it could end in losing a customer forever. In fact, 47% of customers would switch brands due to poor service experience.

To meet up to these high expectations, a robust set of consumer data is needed to create a CRM system that is actually useful. Simply knowing a customer’s name is not sufficient for the consumers of today. Your CRM system must help to maintain relationships through meaningful, real-time data.

To create a CRM system that can facilitate a better customer experience, there are four key data sources that you need to gather.

1. Referral Data

Knowing which marketing avenues are driving …

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