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Emma Hilton, contributing writer at ZAP Data Hub, discusses why she gives a hoot about data governance, and why you should too.

Data is the lifeblood of modern digital marketing. As marketers, we understand that we need to gather data in order to drive insight to fuel future efforts and make them more effective. From retargeting lists through to behavioural insights and personalisation – data is pretty much at the centre of everything we do – so why are we so reluctant to give it some TLC?

Ever found yourself getting excited about the latest technology but turning a blind eye to any associated risk? Surely it’s IT who should be worrying about that sort of thing?

Having a strong policy on data governance has a hugely positive impact on risk management within marketing. Here are 3 reasons why you should start taking some responsibility for it:

#1 We use it for decision making

Think about how many important marketing decisions are based on your data. Campaign optimisation or new campaign ideas generally come from customer insights, purchasing behaviour, customer feedback and plenty of other data points. But, imagine you suddenly discovered this data wasn’t reliable. Data governance is a form of quality control. It …

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