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2019 promises to be the Year of Truth, with a lot of new exciting developments. Blockchain will become the gold standard for supply chains, and crypto currencies will slowly start to increase in value again (though not bitcoin). There will be significant developments in quantum computing and machine learning, creating new opportunities to advance research. However, not all will be positive this year, as we will see new major security breaches this year.

With so much happening in the coming year, it is important as an organisation to be prepared. Technology is developing faster and faster, and if you do not stay up-to-date, it is quite easy to miss the boat. Therefore, here are my three new year’s resolutions to help you thrive in 2019:

1. Start incorporating ethics in your business

There is no excuse anymore. In the past years, there have been too many occurrences of data breaches, machine learning mistakes, fake news and fake video/audio files as well as the occasional discrediting of critics using PR firms. It is time to start doing business in an ethical way, especially now that data has become so crucial for organisations. With access to (unlimited) data, it has become quite easy to do …

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