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Many e-commerce sites are pushing the limits when it comes to technology and digital adoption. As the global online market continues to climb and consumers’ shopping preferences continue to shift, it is becoming even more important for e-commerce companies to leverage digitalization and technology to provide better experiences and keep themselves ahead of their competition.

According to a Retail Vision Study from Zebra, 67% of retailers have already integrated IoT technology, and 70% of retailers plan to increase their investment and implementation by 2021. Certainly, online retailers have just as much (if not more) to gain from IoT as brick-and-mortar operations. And it has more to do than just some cool tech features – IoT is truly revolutionizing what e-commerce companies can do and how they operate.

Here are three of the most major improvements that online businesses can expect to see with IoT adoption.

1. Supporting Effective Dropshipping 

Starting a dropshipping store is a great low-investment business idea that allows e-commerce companies to operate more remotely. Many online stores operate this way to keep inventory costs low. However, many also run into the issue of poor inventory management by their dropshipper or third-party logistics provider (3PL).

IoT has the power to solve this issue for good. …

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