3 Data Driven Technologies That Are Opening Our Eyes Wider

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Every morning when you open your eyes, you are flooded with information about the world around you that gives you the perspective you need to get out of bed without tripping over and knocking your head against the floor. Without collecting data about the world around us, we have nary any idea how to get what we want. Data-driven technologies help us get that data and to put it into a perspective we can maneuver so that we can see a clear path from Point A to Point B.

Although data-driven decision making has existed for many years, a couple of new technologies are coming out of the woodwork that have begun changing the game for businesses. Some of them are even helping smaller operations outpace larger competitors. These are the technologies we will have to keep an eye on in the coming years as they continue to shape the playing field.

Business Intelligence Becomes More Accessible And Agile

BI is a pretty old technology that has been around since companies began storing their customers’ information on magnetic hard disks instead of typing them onto sheets of paper. The internet and the advent of cloud computing have made this process much smarter and …

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