Facebook’s AI-powered Pluribus system astounded the world when it recently defeated six professional poker players – including World Poker Tour title record holder Darren Elias – in games of no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em. The AI ‘revolution’ is being lauded in pretty much every sector you can imagine from healthcare and agriculture toRead More →

Artificial intelligence is shaping the future of online commerce. One of the most underpublicized trends is the growing role of AI in peer to peer marketplaces. AI is beginning to solve a number of the most pressing challenges in the shared economy industry. The Evolving Role of AI in PeerRead More →

Virtual reality is among the most hyped technologies of the last three decades. It’s been the next big thing since I was a child. I remember excited TV reporters donning huge VR headsets to navigate blocky and pixelated landscapes as far back as the nineties. But, in the last threeRead More →

A growing range of fields and general advancements in technologies push programming languages to constant improvement and adaptation to the present-day needs. Now we have a bunch of languages serving different purposes: some of them emerged as an independent project, while others bud off from established and well-known languages. TheRead More →

From its presence in our daily apps to larger business applications, AI impacts our everyday lives in varying degrees — even if we’re not always aware of it. In the field of business intelligence, however, AI has a more visible impact. Business professionals are aware of the changing nature ofRead More →