Day: May 16, 2018

How dApps Promote Minimal Loss in Downturn with Diversified Investments

The approach toward investing in cryptocurrencies and other blockchain projects depends on who does it, why, when and how. Investment portfolios of average consumers (this category potentially includes anyone who [ … ]

Is Data Now More Differentiating Than Analytics?

As a person who has been involved with analytics for a long time, I have historically considered analytics to be a huge differentiator while data was more of a table-stakes [ … ]

How Big Data Can Help Combat DDOS Attacks

Ever since the web became an intricate and fundamental part of our daily lives, DDOS attacks have constantly threatened to disrupt businesses and enrage internet users. Time and time again, [ … ]

Election bill does little more than reinforce the status quo

By Colin Bennett, May 7, 2018, Opinion, iPolitics Buried in the Liberals’ massive overhaul of Canadian elections law, revealed last week, were some provisions about privacy protection. Political parties are [ … ]

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