Day: May 16, 2018

The Growth of Autonomous Vehicles and What the Future Holds

The future is now! Such are the times we live in that we are making strides and leaps in technology, moving from abstract ideas to reality. From replacing manual gears [ … ]

Moving Goods – Is Blockchain the Answer?

We have all heard of Bitcoin. And we have various levels of understanding of it and the myriad of other cryptocurrencies that have popped up since. We may have even [ … ]

Best Public Datasets for Machine Learning and Data Science: Sources and Advice on the Choice

While shaping the idea of your data science project, you probably dreamed of writing variants of algorithms, estimating model performance on training data, and discussing prediction results with colleagues . [ … ]

How Deep Learning Will Change Customer Experience

Deep learning is a sub-category within machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is inspired by and based on the model of the human brain to create artificial neural networks for [ … ]

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