Day: May 16, 2018

The Challenges of Mobile App Development in the Age of Data Breaches

Being a mobile app developer is exciting, but it’s a career path that requires constant attention to data privacy. Ongoing data breaches continually make people worried about where their information [ … ]

4 Ways How Blockchain Will Change the Retail Industry

The retail industry has become increasingly complex in the past decades. Products are made in one part of the world, assembled in another and sold in a third part of [ … ]

Pedestrian Detection Using TensorFlow* on IntelĀ® Architecture

This advertorial is sponsored by Intel®. Abstract This paper explains the process to train and infer the pedestrian detection problem using the TensorFlow* deep learning framework on Intel® architecture. A transfer [ … ]

How Mobile AI Will Transform Our Lives

The age of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is almost upon us. Rapid developments in machine learning have allowed us to build better, smarter machines that are capable of making decisions and [ … ]

How Big Data is Eliminating Conflict in the Diamond Industry

Once upon a time, diamonds were the gold standard in the engagement ring industry and the most desirable of all stones, but in recent years they’ve fallen behind more sustainable [ … ]

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