Day: April 19, 2018

How Industrial IoT is Influenced by Cognitive Anomaly Detection

There are about 6,000 sensors on an A350 aeroplane. The average Airbus flight generates 2.5 petabytes per flight with over 100,000 flights per day!  Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is [ … ]

4 Developments to Expect From Cloud Computing During the Coming Year

While businesses these days are finally becoming more aware of the benefits that cloud computing can offer, the truth is that the development of cloud computing is far from complete. [ … ]

From the IoT Evolution to the Revolution of the Cognitive Age

IoT Evolution or IoT Revolution During all these years evangelising on the Internet of Things (IoT), I have been explaining to customers, partners and friends that IoT can positively change [ … ]

Two Overlooked Factors Cryptocurrency Newbies Need to Pay Attention To

Words and terminology are sometimes created to better understand a particular world. Cryptocurrency created a whole new financial world and with it came a number of terms like ‘market cap.’ [ … ]

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