Month: May 2018

How Tesla Is Using Big Data And AI

Elon Musk’s Tesla has long enjoyed a well-deserved spotlight in global headlines, largely thanks to the eccentric nature of the company’s founder and the unique allure of its electric vehicles. [ … ]

How To Use Data To Drive Your Marketing Campaigns?

For marketers who use email to trigger clients, it is necessary to sort data and then use it to enhance their website. You need to fuel data in such a manner [ … ]

Can Academia Survive Big Data?

Big data is fundamentally upending countless industries and is even drastically reshaping how we live our social lives. Now, big data has its sights set on academia and is changing [ … ]

Finding the IoT Sales Experts of the World

After years of evangelization and waiting for the promises of the Internet of Things (IoT) to come true it seems that we are finally close to reaching the trough of [ … ]

Blockchain: Transforming your Business and Our World

This week, I spoke at the Global Blockchain Conference in Kuala Lumpur and at Windays 2018 in Porec, Croatia and I had some very interesting discussions with the participants on [ … ]

10M Developers Use JavaScript Worldwide, Making It The Most Popular Programming Language

SlashData’s presented results from its Developer Economics survey Q4, 2017 in the new State of the Developer Nation report. The report highlights the most important trends for 2018, based on the [ … ]

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