Month: April 2018

3 Essentials for Using Big Data for Financial Forecasting

At this point, big data’s impact on the way companies operate is no longer up for debate. Proving itself to be a key player in everything from marketing to retail, [ … ]

6 Technology Trends Shaking Up the Business World

Technology will always be changing and adapting to the needs of the world we live in. For anybody doing business today, technology is definitely something that should be kept in [ … ]

Why the Internet of Things Plays an Essential Role in Digital Marketing

It’s no secret that technology is an essential part of our everyday lives. People simply enjoy the benefits that the online world and technology have to offer. That being said, [ … ]

Stolen Identities

Four men who hacked the computer servers of mortgage brokers used the personal information they stole from customers to open unauthorized lines of credit and drain victims’ retirement accounts.

Data Security: The Importance of End-to-End Quantum-Resistant Encryption

In a world that increasingly revolves around data, security is key. Unfortunately, too often organisations do not take security seriously. Big tech giants like Facebook allow firms such as Cambridge [ … ]

How Big Data Sector Changed the Banking Sector

Unlike the early days when everything was done manually, these days the evolution of technology has changed how different sectors perform. One of those industries that have been impacted by [ … ]

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