Day: April 17, 2018

Why Cybersecurity is Turning Into a More Popular Field

As the rise in cyber security threats becomes more and more prevalent, it’s no surprise that employment in cybersecurity is on the rise as well. It is estimated that by [ … ]

Using Artificial Intelligence to Facilitate Fraud

Any new tool or technology has the potential to be put to use for good purposes or, unfortunately, for harmful purposes. Artificial intelligence is no different. As we see the [ … ]

Director Addresses Cyber Conference

At the International Conference on Cyber Security in New York, FBI Director Christopher Wray discussed how the FBI is evolving to stay ahead of threats in the digital age.

A Guide to Understanding and Using Big Data in Marketing

Data-driven marketing has been helped with the use of big data. Marketers have access to massive amounts of data streaming to them at lightning speeds from various channels. This data [ … ]

Why Modern Marketers Also Need to Be Data Doctors?

Over the years, marketing in the B2B sector has come a long way, especially when it comes to personalisation and hyper-relevant communication. Although personalisation tools have been at marketers’ disposal [ … ]

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