Month: May 2018

7 Industries Where Augmented Reality Is Making a Mark

Who knew that Augmented Reality turned 50 in 2018? When Ivan Sutherland created a head-mounted display back in 1968 that used cutting-edge computer graphics of the time to show users [ … ]

Aspiring Data Scientists – Get Hired!

Working in Data Science recruitment, we’re no strangers to the mountains you have to climb and pitfalls faced when getting into a Data Science career. Despite the mounting demand for [ … ]

5 Myths about The World’s Most Favourite Cryptocurrencies Today

When you hear the words cryptocurrency or blockchain chances are the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin. Bitcoin is actually one of well over 700 different cryptocurrencies in [ … ]

How to Disrupt Digital Advertising Through Blockchain?

This article is sponsored by Pingvalue How one open platform plans to transform the digital advertising market with its own cryptocurrency Meet blockchain – the fintech newcomer that has taken [ … ]

5 Predictions on the Future of AR

There’s no question that Augmented Reality (AR) technology – in the form of glasses, headsets, and connected software – has made rapid advances in recent years. In fact, AR is [ … ]

How Big Data Is Changing Banking, Finance, and Credit

Like most other businesses, banking and financial services organizations are fighting to adapt in this new, disruptive, digital world — and like most other businesses, big data analytics is at [ … ]

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