Year: 2018

The Impact Of Big Data Analytics On Corporate Training

An article published by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that big data will play a decisive role in the labour markets by 2040. In reality, though, that has already [ … ]

How Blockchain and GDPR Could Work Together

In an era where data privacy is an increasing concern, blockchain technology is moving toward a more transparent and more verifiable security model. Blockchain is a decentralised database where any [ … ]

AI-Driven Test System Detects Bacteria In Water

This advertorial is sponsored by Intel®. “Clean water and health care and school and food and tin roofs and cement floors, all of these things should constitute a set of [ … ]

How AI Can Help Alleviate Poverty

With the many, many uses of AI, we’re seeing an increase in researchers, scientists, organisations and start-ups of all kinds looking at ways we can leverage this technology for good.  [ … ]

How Machine Learning Can Help Businesses Leave Bad Customer Service In The Dust

Each time a customer support representative interacts with a customer, they create data that can be used to improve their products and services. Although that type of data is important, [ … ]

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