Day: April 17, 2018

How Will the Internet of Things Impact Education?

The Internet of Things. It sounds like something quite innocuous and unassuming. It will turn out to be anything but. It’s down to the sheer size of the thing. With [ … ]

How Retailers are Leveraging Augmented Reality this Holiday Season

The National Retail Federation predicts that between November and December 2017, holiday retail sales will top out at $678.75 billion. As shoppers across the country prepare to drop some serious [ … ]

Three TedTalk Experts Show Big Data is Far From Perfect

Big data is changing the way we live, think and work. Almost nobody disputes this. Some of the world’s largest brands depend on big data, such as Google, which processes [ … ]

4 Ways in Which IoT is Revolutionising Agriculture

When we think of IoT applications, raising livestock or growing crops are not the first visuals that come to our mind. According to Markets and Markets, the market for smart [ … ]

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