Month: April 2018

A Global Perspective: The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The world is being transformed through rapid breakthroughs in data and AI. Every day, we hear about more innovations — from small startups to global economies. Nearly every job currently [ … ]

Who are You and What Can You Get From Social Media Analytic

If you have read anything in the news lately, you’ll realize that just because everyone is constantly using social media, doesn’t mean that they are doing it well (remember when [ … ]

5 Ways to Recognize What Technology Your Business Needs

Technology has revolutionized the way businesses carry out their operations today. Startups are now able to compete with larger established companies by taking advantage of the options technology provides to [ … ]

4 Signs Your Business Needs VR Analytics

The big problem with most data collection is that we have to make huge assumptions about what it means. So, for example, we assume that when somebody clicks through to [ … ]

5 Ways How Big Data is Boosting the Efficiency of Healthcare Services

The importance of data is limitless in an industry where millions of valuable patient information keeps circulating from one end of the system to the other. Converting this data into [ … ]

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