Month: March 2018

Pour un droit au déréférencement mondial

Wikipedia n’a pas toujours raison ! Il y a quelques semaines, le fondateur de Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, tonnait dans les colonnes du Monde contre la France, et la CNIL en particulier, [ … ]

5 Ways of Big Data in the Business Marketing Process

Big data is more than a buzzword today. It has great amounts of data that could well change all facets of life, from boosting healthcare outcomes to help manage traffic [ … ]

What Is Machine Learning And How Does It Work

Machine Learning is all around us and we experience it every day. It is an important part of our daily lives, shaping our society, culture and even our future. Machine [ … ]

How Zero Knowledge Proof Will Enable Trustless Transactions and Increase our Privacy

While the challenges facing the future viability of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies remain unresolved, the underpinning technology that supports Bitcoin, Blockchain, has the potential to revolutionise the way we leverage [ … ]

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