Day: April 19, 2018

What Are The Potential Dangers Of Quantum Computing?

The development of quantum computers may create serious cyber-security threats. The NSA has recently released statements expressing their concern over the potential of quantum computing to foil the cryptography protecting [ … ]

Blade Runner Rule: Public Perception and A.I. in Marketing and Brand Representation

The role of A.I. in business is ever-expanding, with companies increasingly relying on the nascent technology for everything from analysis of data streams to brand representation. However, Markets Insider reports [ … ]

No, Not Everyone Needs To Understand Analytics

The breadth of analytics has certainly increased in recent years. So, too, has the pool of people who dip their toe into creating analytics of one sort or the other. [ … ]

Top Four Competencies a Data Scientist Should Have

Jobs in the niche of data science is quite lucrative in terms of fat-pay package and adequate job exposure. But the role of a data scientist may slightly vary from [ … ]

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