Month: May 2018

5 Limiting Factors for Data-driven Businesses

Many companies today claim they are data driven just because they have a central system that stores all their data. Unfortunately, they are not. A company that is truly data-driven [ … ]

Why Is Blockchain Gaining So Much Popularity?

Blockchain is the latest buzzword with almost all the Fintech people and enthusiast talking about its potential globally. The technology, originally devised for the digital currency, Bitcoin, is gaining a [ … ]

HDFS vs. HBase : All you need to know

The sudden increase in the volume of data from the order of gigabytes to zettabytes has created the need for a more organized file system for storage and processing of [ … ]

Economy, Environment, Employment: How Driverless Vehicles Might Change Our World

The promise of widespread autonomous vehicles has dominated recent headlines in both the technology and automobile industries, but the idea has been around much longer than that. Public discussions about [ … ]

6 Reasons To Build Common Language Into Your Code

For the most part, programming languages are remarkably precise. Even the smallest deviation from the norms of the language can result in some serious syntax and contextual errors. This isn’t [ … ]

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