Year: 2018

Investigation Reveals Rising VA Privacy Violations

The Department of Veterans Affairs is facing increasing scrutiny over more than 10,000 privacy violations and mistakes since 2011. A yearlong ProPublica investigation into privacy violations at various medical facilities [ … ]

Privacy violations not uncommon at Orlando VA

Privacy violations are on the rise at VA medical facilities, with VA employees and contractors committing more than 10,000 privacy violations since 2011, shows an investigation by nonprofit news organization ProPublica. VA’s Sunshine [ … ]

Medical Privacy in the Digital Wild

The uproar about Obamacare notwithstanding, I, for one, am thankful for health insurance. COBRA’s ridiculously expensive insurance offer following my lay off two years ago was a joke, so I [ … ]

Privacy Violations Rising At Veterans Affairs Medical Facilities

Brandon Coleman, an addiction therapist for the Phoenix VA Health Care System, filed a privacy complaint after a social worker accessed his medical file in 2014. Madison Kirkman/AP Images for [ … ]

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