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With the increasing popularity of WordPress across the world, the developers have given a thought to implement it with the most-raged technology none other than Artificial Intelligence. Mostly, all the big giants are working on their own set of AI’s and it is also a hot topic that is regularly popping up in the market.

Why AI is so popular?

On the surface, AI is a very simple concept that enables machines to take over tasks that formerly required a human being. On the flip side, it means that in the future, machines will do more jobs that we dislike or that are dangerous which leads some people to falsely worry about AI doing obsoleting of jobs. AI is all about making easy and quick dealing on the web by using a subset of it called Machine Learning. Chabot’s are the live successful example of AI for scaling up your business growth.

WordPress plugins with AI

We all know very well WordPress is widely used for its variety of plugins which allows you to customize the design and usability of your website according to your likes and dislikes. It provides smarter and much better user experience by improving the search and checking grammar mistakes …

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