10 Tools for the Novice Data Scientist

Data scientists harness their knowledge of statistics in converting collected data into potential ideas for product development, customer retention, and generation of business opportunities. It could even help dissertation writing service with their work. Recently, it was dubbed as the sexiest job in the 21st century as demands for data scientists are increasing. In order to be one, you have to gain the necessary skills to enter the world of data science. And when you do, here are some tools you can use to practice on:


It began in 2006 as an open-source program under the name of Rapid-I. As the years went by, they dubbed it as, RapidMiner, and managed to get 35 Million US dollars in funding.  For old versions, the tool, considered open source, is the latest version. It can be ordered within a 14-day trial and the license can be bought after that. RapidMiner takes up the whole life-cycle prediction modeling, and also deployment and validation. The graphic user interface is designed using a block-diagram approach, same as Matlab Simulink’s.


This is one more platform that provides a great Graphic User Interface, which can be used in 6 easy steps:

Sources – Makes use of various sources of data
Datasets – …

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