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What makes the human mind different from other living creatures is its ability to feel curious. Feeling inquisitive about how things work and how to make things better is innate to humans. It is a constant pursuit of the human mind to make the world a better and safer place. The internet has long played its role in this domain because of the way it has connected the world. If we imagine the interconnectedness of the internet as streaks of light, the world would be illuminated by rays emerging from one side and culminating on the other side. The flow of information via the internet is not a one way flow; it surges in all possible directions.

More than a decade ago, the phrase “Internet of Things” was coined. It is a technical phrase that is increasingly becoming a part of human life. Its most basic function is the connecting of a device with a switch that turns it on and off with the internet or other devices with each other. From our smartphones to complex machines, they all fall under the Internet of Things. The number of interconnected devices is expected to skyrocket in the coming years.

The Internet of Things …

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